Six other things to consider before getting a dog

It could become the most costly impulse buy of your life. Taking on a dog as a pet without doing your research can create huge problems for you and the animal. Even when people think they have done their homework, there are these six other things to consider before getting a dog.

6 important things to consider before getting a dog

6 things to consider before getting a dog

Dogs create a lot of doo doo

Your cute little pooch is going to need to relieve itself several times a day. At least one of those times, or more, it is going to be feces. It adds up, and you have to deal with it or pay someone else to.

Questions you need to consider include:

  • How will you cope with it if you live in the city or an apartment building?
  • What are the regulations for disposal where you live?
  • Are you prepared to bag or scoop it when walking your dog?
  • How will you cope with your pet if it develops diarrhea?
  • Are you prepared to go out in all types of weather for bathroom needs?
  • Will someone be able to take the dog outside several times a day?

These are just some of the issues surrounding the bathroom habits of a pet. It is an important factor in care often overlooked during the buying phase. The sad eyes and cute faces push these practical considerations to the background.

Your dog will need exercise

To keep a dog for a pet and neglect to exercise it is cruel. No matter how small they are, dogs need daily activity. It is essential that someone be able to walk or play with your animal at least a couple of times per day.

Finding out the energy level of a canine is an important consideration before taking on a particular animal. Some dogs have high energy needs and can be quite strong. You need to consider your lifestyle and ability before you take on your new companion.

Dogs can and do fight

When walking a dog, you may occasionally run into other dogs. They might be under the control of their owner, or they might be a stray. Dogs are naturally drawn to each other and will want to check each other out. There is the possibility of an uncontrolled animal wanting to fight with your pet. Are you prepared to deal with this type of scenario?

Many plants are toxic to dogs

If you are a gardener or own houseplants, you will need to consider which is more important – the plants or your pet. Many plants are toxic to animals, and you cannot watch your dog every minute of every day.

You will need to organize your garden and house plants so that there is no chance of Fido devouring something that has the potential to cause death.

Do not kid yourself into thinking that you can take a chance on your pet leaving the plants alone when you turn your back. Many dogs love to chew on grass and can easily make a dangerous mistake.

Some human foods are toxic

Some human foods can make a dog extremely ill or cause death. They include things like grapes, chocolate, onions, and garlic. Even if you intend to feed your pet only dog food, you need to be vigilant about it having access to other things that it might consume it.

You can also add household products, medications, and other dangerous substances to the list of things to keep out of reach.

A dog will use up your time

One of the least considered things about owning a dog is that it is a huge time commitment meant to be for life.

There will always be something required of you in the care of your pet. You will not be able to travel, go to work, go out, have visitors, or even go to bed without considering the effect on your pet.

You must be prepared to spend a significant part of each day caring for and giving attention to your companion. It deserves nothing less.


There are many things to consider before getting a dog. When you consider finances, training, vet visits, and groomers, take the time to consider these other important factors in taking on the care of a dog. It is easy to overlook them until they crop up in your daily routine.

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