Why Does My Dog

As well as being beautiful and loving animals, dogs are also fascinating creatures too. They exhibit lots of interesting behavior that may leave you wondering "Why does my dog do that?". And they also show many unique characteristics too. Here are Small Fluffy Dog Breeds we aim to provide you with all the answers to any of these sorts of questions you might have, from why your dog licks so much to why they eat grass. And anything else you can think of too!

Why Does My Dog...?

Answering the question "Why do dogs howl?"

Why do dogs howl?

Not all dogs howl, but it can be annoying when yours does. Why do dogs howl and how do you stop them from doing it?
Why Do Dogs Eat Poop And How To Stop It?

Why do dogs eat poop and how can I stop it?

It's horrible, isn't it? Even for a confirmed dog lover, there's no denying it's a disgusting thing and one that's all too common. Indeed, many a new dog owner has found themselves asking why their...
Why does my dog wag its tail?

Why does my dog wag its tail?

If you think that your dog wags its tail just because it's happy to see you, then you're mistaken. Dogs actually use their tail to communicate in a number of different ways. And if you truly...
Why Do Dogs Lick People?

Why do dogs lick people?

"Why do dogs lick people?" is actually quite a straight forward question to answer in most cases. When a dog licks someone, most of the time they're just showing affection. There are also a few other reasons involved too though. So let's take a look at some of the explanations for why dogs lick people.
Why Does My Dog Eat Grass?

Why does my dog eat grass?

Some dogs seem to just love to eat grass. For some of them, this is true even if they've just had a nice filling meal. And you'll find some dogs will munch on any old...
Why Does My Dog Fart So Much?

Why does my dog fart so much?

If you're a dog owner you know that feeling all too well. You're sat on the couch relaxing, maybe watching TV. Maybe you've got visitors. And then you notice a foul smell spreading it's way...
Why Does My Dog Smell Like Fish?

Why does my dog smell like fish?

A question that is often asked by new and inexperienced dog owners is "Why does my dog smell like fish?" It might seem strange that your dog's breath suddenly starts smelling of fish and...