Small dog toys

Small dogs love to play just as much, if not even more, than bigger dogs. Their time spent playing is important for them as they get exercise, entertainment and help with weight loss if needed. They also get mental stimulation, and of course if you play with them then they also get some time to bond with you. This is especially important if your dog is left alone for long periods during the day when they can get bored and lonely. This article is going to take a brief look at some of the best small dog toys that you can get for your dog.

Play time is important for dogs because it gives them exercise and also mental stimulation. This article discusses small dog toys.

Small dog toys

When choosing small dog toys it is important that you think about three things:

  1. What is it made of?
  2. Is it the right size?
  3. Is it in the right condition?

Toys that can easily come apart or can easily be swallowed are dangerous to your dog, as are toys that are made from poisonous or otherwise dangerous substances. And once a toy starts to fall apart it also becomes dangerous to your dog and should be thrown away.

Tennis balls

Tennis balls are great small dog toys, and every dog loves to play with them. They are bouncy so the dog has great fun chasing after them. They are also soft on the dog’s teeth and they are big enough that they are not a choking hazard.

Other balls

Most pet supply stores sell small, soft and bouncy balls that are aimed at cats. These also make great small dog toys as long as you make sure the ball is not so small that your dog could swallow it.

Other retrieving toys

If you visit your local pet store you will find that there is a huge range of retrieving toys available to buy for your dog. These include balls of all different shapes and sizes that often come with launchers that allow you to throw the ball long distances for your dog to fetch. There are also various rings and disks that are usually made from soft fabric and these make great retrieving toys and are kind to your dog’s teeth.


Kongs are tough dog toys that dogs love to play with.  The classic Kong is made of hard rubber and is shaped a bit like a snowman or three balls of different sizes that have been squashed together. Kong toys are great for playing retrieving games as they bounce all over the place because of their shape and the material they are made from. Kongs come in different sizes and also in different rubber types aimed at different types of chewers, for example the red Kong is aimed at dogs that are average chewers. So when you get a Kong, make sure you choose one that is suited to your dog.

Kongs are hollow and are made that way so that you can fill the hollow space with soft cheese or peanut butter. Dogs love to play with them and will be kept occupied for a long time trying to empty the Kong.

Squeaky toys

Most dogs love to play with toys that have squeakers in them. It is important to make sure that the squeaker is secure within the toy and that the dog will not be able to get it out. Most small dogs will be happy to just sit and chew on the toy and make it squeak, but some dogs will not rest until they have dug the squeaker out of the toy. So make sure your dog is the former type before giving them one of these small dog toys.

Stuffed toys

Stuffed toys are also good toys for small dogs. Many small dogs will adopt a soft toy and carry it around everywhere with them, and baby it. Others will be a bit rougher and shake and throw the toy. It is important you get a soft toy that is strong and will not easily come apart. It is also best to make sure it is machine washable. Again, your local pet store will have a wide range of soft and stuffed small dog toys available.

Dog chews

These are vital small dog toys, especially for puppies. They give the dog something to chew on when they are teething, and they are also a great help when teaching your dog what it is OK for them to chew on and what is wrong for them to chew. If your dog starts chewing on something they are not allowed to, you need to have something on hand to give them that they are allowed to chew on instead.

Puzzle toys

Dog puzzle toys are great for mental stimulation. They are especially good for the smarter dog breeds who can get bored more easily and need more of a challenge from their toys. They usually work by providing a hiding place for you to place treats. Your dog then has to work out how to get to the tasty treat they can smell.

These puzzle toys can keep your dog occupied for a long time without them getting bored. You can different levels of difficulty of puzzles depending on how clever your dog is.


There are a lot of small dog toys on the market. It is important that the toys you give your dog are in good condition and are not dangerous to your dog.

The toys will last longer if you only give your dog a few toys to play with at a time. Store the rest of the toys away somewhere and switch the toys every so often (for example, every two weeks or so). In this way, not only will they last longer but they will also stay fresh for your dog.

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