Pictures of Yorkies – why I love the Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkie is definitely one of my favorite dog breeds.

They may be little dogs (in fact, they’re a toy breed) but they’ve got such big personalities!

And as the old saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words, so here’s some beautiful pictures of Yorkies that show just why I love the Yorkshire Terrier so much.

I’m sure you’ll find them just as cute and irresistible as I do!

Let me know in the comments section at the bottom of the page why you love Yorkies too.

Pictures Of Yorkies

Pictures Of Yorkies - Group Of Yorkie Puppies
Three month old Yorkie puppies.

Yorkie puppies are as cute as they come! Just look at those loveable little faces.

Beautiful Yorkie Dog Portrait
A beautiful Yorkie dog.

It’s not just the Yorkie puppies that are cute either. The adult Yorkie is a truly beautiful dog!

Picture Of Yorkshire Terrier Giving Paw
Cute Yorkshire Terrier giving his paw.

Not only are they cute but Yorkies are clever too. They’re well known for their ability to solve problems and are ranked as above average in terms of dog intelligence, making them easy to train. You do have to be consistent with them though, to stop them developing bad habits – they can be as mischievous as they look!

Picture Of Yorkie Mum With Puppies
Yorkie mum with puppies.

The Yorkshire Terrier is also an affectionate and loving dog, that just loves company and adores being part of the family. Because of their small size, you have to take care when they’re around small children. Kids love to pick them up as they’re so cute and cuddly, but this can be stressful for the Yorkie. And they can easily be dropped too. So they’re really better suited to older children. They really do thrive on interaction with their owners though, and like nothing better than being petted and sitting on your lap.

Picture Of Yorkie In The Grass
The Yorkie is a true terrier.

The Yorkie lives up to his terrier name. He’s alert and lively, loves chasing and isn’t afraid of anything. The terrier in him also makes him determined (you could say stubborn!), so you need to establish yourself as the pack leader and be commanding to get him to obey you.

Picture Of A Cute Yorkie
Yorkies are curious and inquisitive.

Alert and inquisitive, the Yorkie makes a great watchdog. They may be small and not very scary, but they’ll certainly let you know if anything is amiss. You do need to train them when to bark and when not to from an early age, or their barking can become a problem.

Picture of two cute Yorkie puppies.
Two cute Yorkie puppies.

Did I mention how cute Yorkies are? Especially as puppies!

Hopefully these pictures of Yorkies demonstrate why they’re such fantastic little dogs. You can learn more about the Yorkshire Terrier dog breed here.

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