The martingale dog collar – an alternative to choke chains

Many dog owners are moving away from aversive dog-training techniques. Positive reinforcement works just as well, if not better, and is usually recommended by modern dog trainers. As people ditch prong collars and choke chains, they might wonder if there’s an alternative to basic buckle collars. Enter the martingale dog collar – a unique collar design originally intended for greyhounds and similar breeds.

The martingale dog collar has many advantages over the traditional choke chain.

What is a martingale dog collar?

At first glance, a martingale collar looks like a slightly friendlier choke collar.

The collar doesn’t “choke” the dog, however, and is a humane replacement for painful chains. Just one section of the collar tightens and this only happens when the dog is tugging on the leash.

A martingale applies a small amount of pressure when the dog pulls without choking them. This not only discourages pulling behavior but also means the collar can be loose and comfortable when the dog isn’t leashed.

Advantages of the martingale collar

Martingale dog collars provide the handler with more control and have another benefit; they can prevent escapes. A dog can’t simply back up and slip out of a martingale, a problem with traditional collar designs.

In fact, the martingale was initially designed for sight hounds, hunting breeds that have long necks but small heads. These breeds, including greyhounds and Afghan hounds, are notorious for slipping out of regular buckle collars. The martingale is constructed in a way that stops these escapes.

The martingale collar builds on the design of the choke chain but is much gentler and doesn’t rely on the use of pain.

The collar is comfortable for dogs while also allowing the handler to have more control on walks.

Most importantly, dogs can’t slip out and run off – a common problem with other collar designs.

While they used to have a modest, basic look, they are now available in a variety of colors and patterns. When shopping for a dog new collar, you should certainly consider the martingale.

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