DIY Yorkiepoo puppy cut

Save yourself some money by learning how to give a DIY Yorkiepoo puppy cut. All you need are a few grooming tools and a lot of patience.

The Yorkiepoo, also known as the Yorkie poodle is a mixed breed between the Yorkshire terrier and the poodle. These cuddly designer dogs can have physical features that resemble either parent, or features that are a blend of both parents. As a result, your Yorkiepoo’s coat can turn out curly, wavy or straight.

Irrespective of your Yorkiepoo’s coat type, you must groom its hair regularly. Give it the puppy cut, a haircut that will ensure a neat appearance and prevent the coat from matting.

The puppy cut delivers a close trim all over your Yorkiepoo’s body.

While you can take your Yorkiepoo to a pet hair salon, you can also save on exorbitant salon costs by performing the haircut on your own.

All you need to get started are a few hair-cutting tools and oodles of patience. Here’s our simple guide to giving a DIY Yorkiepoo puppy cut.

A guide to giving a DIY Yorkiepoo puppy cut

Hair-cutting equipment

  • Tear-free shampoo.
  • Slicker brush or steel comb.
  • Electric clippers.
  • Blades: number 4, 10 and 15.
  • Blunt-edged scissors.

DIY Yorkiepoo puppy cut procedure

  • Bathe your Yorkiepoo prior to cutting its hair to wash away dirt. Use warm water and a tear-free shampoo specially formulated for dogs. Thoroughly rinse your Yorkiepoo’s hair and towel-dry it well.
  • Brush the coat with a slicker brush or steel comb. Run the brush in the direction of the hair growth. Doing so will remove knotted hair, fleas and ticks, and stimulates oil secretion and distributes it all over the skin.
  • Use electric clippers with a number 4 blade to style your dog’s hair into a puppy cut. Clip one-fifth inch length of the hair from all over the body. Carefully run the clipper around the face, neck, head, back, stomach, legs and tail.
  • Clip one-third inch of hair from around your dog’s ears. Cut the hair surrounding the front and back areas of both ears. Clipping the hair around the ears will allow air to enter, reduce wax build-up and bacterial accumulation.
  • Use a number 15 blade to trim the hair from between the toes and paw pads. As Yorkiepoo’s have oval-shaped paws, you can give the hair around the feet a rounded effect. Follow the outline of the paw while clipping the hair in this area. You can also use blunt-edged scissors to create the rounded effect — scissor straight strokes all around the paw.
  • Trim the hair from around the anus carefully with a number 10 blade. Regular clipping around the anus will prevent a build-up of faecal matter and keep it clean.

Maintain your Yorkiepoo’s clean appearance by giving it the puppy cut every four months, and bathing it once a month. You should brush its coat everyday as part of the grooming process. This will keep the hair tangle-free and easy to maintain, as well as prevent an accumulation of dirt and fleas.



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