Best wireless dog fences reviewed

Wireless fences are much simpler to setup than an in-ground physical fence. I review the best wireless dog fences available on the market today.

The electric pet fence was invented way back in 1973 by a guy called Richard Peck. Technology has come a long way since those days, of course, and nowadays wireless dog fences are available. These have one big advantage over traditional electric dog fences: they are much easier to install with no need to dig and install a boundary wire. Below I take a look at some of the best wireless dog fences.

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Best wireless dog fences

PetSafe wireless dog and cat containment system

Key features

  • Half-acre coverage.
  • Easy installation.
  • Personalized coverage from 5 to 90 feet in any direction.
  • Adjustable level of correction, including sound-only training mode.
  • Long collar battery life of 2 months plus.
  • Adjustable collar size.
  • Portable so can be used when camping, etc.
  • Purchase additional collars to contain any number of dogs.


One of the best-selling wireless electric fence systems for dogs is this PetSafe containment system. There are good reasons for its popularity too. The system allows you to create a secure circular area covering half an acre. The actual area of coverage can be fully customized though, so if your yard is smaller you can adjust the range appropriately in all directions.

Installation is incredibly easy – position the base unit in an appropriate position (this must be weather-proof), plug it in and then adjust the dial to set the required range of coverage. Finally, put the collar on your dog and adjust the settings as required. That’s it – you’re good to go!

JustPet wireless dog fence containment system

Key features

  • 100 levels of control – 10 feet to 100 feet.
  • Extremely stable, reliable signal.
  • Rechargeable collar battery with long life.
  • Can add multiple receiving collars to control several dogs.


The JustPet wireless dog fence is a great product at a great price. It offers 100 levels of control from 10 feet to 1,000 feet, making it suitable for most yards.

The antenna provides an exceptionally strong signal making this a very reliable containment system.

Hokita wireless dog fence

Key features

  • Five different control radii.
  • Collar made from environmentally-friendly materials.
  • Single controller can control many dogs at the same time.
  • Dust-proof receiver.
  • Waterproof transmitter.


The Hokito wireless dog fence is another top quality system. It does have less control over the transmission radius than some of the other products here; it has five possible settings – 100, 200, 300, 500 and 1,000 feet. That said the maximum 1,000 foot radius is larger than most wireless dog fences.

PetSafe Stay & Play wireless fence for stubborn dogs

Key features

  • Suitable for dogs 5 lbs and up so ideal for smaller dogs.
  • 5 levels of control on the collar, plus training mode.
  • Up to 3/4 acre coverage.
  • Static-free re-entry – the dog doesn’t get shocked again on returning within the boundary.
  • Waterproof, adjustable collar.


The PetSafe Stay & Play wireless fence is my overall favorite. It provides good coverage over a large enough area, with excellent stability and reception. The smaller minimum size is also great for small dogs.

Multiple levels of correction on the collar allow you to fine-tune the settings to cater for even the most stubborn of dogs, without having an unnecessarily strong setting for those of a less stubborn nature.


To my mind, the PetSafe Stay & Play deserves to be named the best wireless dog fence. It’s range of settings and reliability make it stand out from the crowd. The only limitation is the range it offers. Those requiring a larger area to be covered will have to look elsewhere.

Buyer’s guide

There are a few things to take into consideration when selecting the best wireless dog fence for your circumstances. Here are some things to think about:


The wireless fence you purchase must cover a large enough area for your needs. On the opposite end, you must also be able to configure it with a small enough range for your circumstances. There’s no point in buying a wireless dog fence where the minimum containment boundary is larger than you yard.

Signal strength and reliability

You are relying on the fence to keep your dog safe so it needs to be completely reliable with a consistent signal. You don’t want your dog to be receiving unnecessary static, nor do you want your dog to be able to wander beyond the set boundary if the signal drops.

Static-free re-entry

If your dog does wander beyond the boundary, you want them to be able to safely return without receiving static. If they can’t do so, they will be discouraged from returning and may become distressed.

Collar settings

The best wireless dog fences allow you to adjust the static-strength as not all dogs require the same amount to make them respect the boundary – some dogs are a lot more stubborn than others, some have less hair, some are smaller, etc.

The collar should also obviously be adjustable to suit the size of your dog’s neck.

Battery life

A good wireless dog fence collar will have a long battery life meaning you don’t have to re-charge as often. In addition, the overall battery lifespan will be greater meaning you don’t have to replace it as frequently.

Collar robustness

Dogs are lively, adventurous and messy creatures, which is one of the reasons we love them so much. This means their collar needs to be robust enough to survive their escapades. In particular they need to be made of a strong material and be waterproof.

Multiple dog support

If you have more than one dog, or you’re likely to in the future, it’s important your wireless dog fence supports adding multiple collar transmitters.